Space Law: Basic Legal Documents


    SLBLD online has now been completed  by instalment 20 (Summer 2017), with the following new documents:  


    In Part C (ESA/EU) relevant documents were inserted relating to "Space 4.0“ on the  evolution of the space sector into a new era for a united space in Europe and the shared vision of EU and ESA in this respect. Also the communication of the EU Commission of October 2016  on Space Strategy for Europe to the EU Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and to the Committee of the Regions was added.

    Furthermore, section D.II.2.11 on Galileo was completed by actual documents and information.

    As to Part E (National Space Legislation) the Laws  on Space Activity of the Ukraine and the Russian Federation were updated. As to the Russian Federation, the translation of the Law on the State Corporation for Space Activities "ROSCOSMOS" of 2016 and the Regulation on the Licensing of Space Activities of 2012 were added. Under  E.XXII (Indonesia) the translation of the "Law on Space Activities with Elucidation"(official comments) of  August 6, 2013 was inserted.